An individual’s formal acceptance of their obligation to justify decisions, actions or outcomes.

An accountable person (manager or worker) does not necessarily implement the action or decision, but they should organize the implementation and verify that the action has been carried out as required. OMS accountability includes system ownership. This may involve responsibilities related to policies, governance, systems, administration, implementation, performance monitoring and review at the asset, business or corporate level.

Source: IOGP Report No. 510, Operating Management System Framework for controlling risk and delivering high performance in the oil and gas industry, International Association of Oil & Gas Producers, June 2014. Global Standards


Property of a system (including all of its system resources) that ensures that the actions of a system entity may be traced uniquely to that entity, which can be held responsible for its actions [11].

Source: ANSI/ISA–99.00.01–2007, Security for Industrial Automation and Control Systems, Part 1: Terminology, Concepts, and Models, 29 October 2007. National Standard

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