Agent―the director of the Division of Minerals, the chief engineer thereof, or any of the district managers or their aides.

Source: Natural Resources, Office of Conservation – General Operations, Louisiana Administrative Code, Title 43, Part XIX, March 2013. Regulations



“Agent” means any person authorized by another person to act for him.

Source: Corporation Commission, Oil and Gas Conservation, Oklahoma Administrative Code 165:10, February 2013. Regulations



An agent means any person, natural or legal, engaged on behalf of the owner, charterer or operator of a ship, or the owner of the cargo, in providing shipping services, including managing arrangements for the ship being the subject of a marine safety investigation.

Source: IMO Resolution MSC.255(84), Code of the International Standards and Recommended Practices for a Safety Investigation into a Marine Casualty or Marine Incident (Casualty Investigation Code), 16 May 2008, International Maritime Organization. Regulatory Guidance

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