Associated Apparatus

Electrical apparatus which contains both intrinsically safe circuits and non-intrinsically safe circuits and is constructed so that the non-intrinsically safe circuits cannot adversely affect

the intrinsically safe circuits.

Source: IEC 60079-14:2013, Explosive atmospheres – Part 14: Electrical installations design, selection and erection, Edition 5.0, November 2013. Global Standards


Associated Apparatus

Apparatus used in intrinsically safe systems in which the circuits are not necessarily intrinsically safe themselves but affect the energy in the intrinsically safe circuits and are relied on to maintain intrinsic safety, see NEC Articles 504.4 and 505.8 for additional details.

Source: API Recommended Practice 14FZ, Recommended Practice for Design, Installation, and Maintenance of Electrical Systems for Fixed and Floating Offshore Petroleum Facilities for Unclassified and Class I, Zone 0, Zone 1, and Zone 2 Locations, Second Edition, May 2013. Global Standards

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