Borehole Site

A borehole site means any site at which borehole operations:

  1. are going to be undertaken;
  2. are being undertaken; or
  3. have been undertaken and at which there is a borehole, whether partly drilled or completed, which has not been abandoned.

In the case of a site at which the first borehole is to be drilled, the site will become a borehole site as soon as the owner, as defined in these Regulations, decides that borehole operations are to be undertaken there. It will remain a borehole site until all boreholes on that site have been abandoned.
A borehole site may contain several boreholes and plant and equipment associated with the boreholes and borehole operations.

Source: A Guide to the Borehole Sites and Operations Regulations 1995, Guidance on Regulations (UK HSE L72), Second Edition, 2008. Regulatory Guidance


Borehole Site

“Borehole site” means a place at which a borehole operation—

  1. is being or is to be undertaken; or
  2. has been undertaken, save where all borehole operations have ceased and all boreholes have been abandoned.

Source: The Borehole Sites and Operations Regulations 1995, UK S.I. 1995/2038, 1995. Regulations

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