The term “can” is used to express possibility or capability.

Source: API RP 96, Deepwater Well Design and Construction, First Edition, March 2013. Global Standards



“Can”, means an alternative, equal way of fulfilling the regulatory requirements, e.g. where the guidelines recommend using maritime standards as an alternative to following a NORSOK standard.

Source: Guidelines Regarding the Framework Regulations, Norway, updated December 2012. Regulatory Guidance



Verbal form used for statements of possibility and capability, whether material, physical or casual.

Source: NORSOK D-010, Well integrity in drilling and well operations, Rev. 3, August 2004. Global Standards

Source: NORSOK D-002, Well intervention equipment, Rev. 2, June 2013. Global Standards



Can requirements are conditional and indicates a possibility open to the user of the standard.

Source: NORSOK D-007, Well Testing Systems, Rev. 1, January 1996. Global Standards



verbal form used for statements of possibility and capability whether material, physical or casual

Source: Rules for Classification and Construction, IV Industrial Services, 6 Offshore Technology, 9 Guideline for Personnel Transfers by Means of Lifting Appliances, Edition 2011, Germanischer Lloyd SE, Global Standards

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