Catalectic Failure

sudden and complete failure

Note 1 to entry: This term has been introduced by analogy with the catalectic verses (i.e. a verse with seven

foots instead of eight) which stop abruptly. Then, a catalectic failure occurs without warning and is more or

less impossible to forecast by examining the item. It is the contrary of failures occurring progressively and


Note 2 to entry: Catalectic failures characterize simple components with constant failure rates (exponential law):

they remain permanently “as good as new” until they fail suddenly, completely and without warning. Most of the

probabilistic models used in reliability engineering are based on catalectic failures of the individual component

of the system under study (e.g. Markovian approach).

Source: ISO/TR 12489:2013(E) Reliability modelling and calculation of safety systems. Global Standards

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