Certification body

An organization independent of the manufacturer that has demonstrated adequate competence, authority, and credibility to perform independent and objective audits of another organization in order to provide verification of the adequate qualification/competency of the audited organization’s personnel and evidence that the audited organization’s products satisfy applicable requirements.

Source: API STANDARD 18LCM, Product Life Cycle Management System Requirements for the Petroleum and Natural Gas Industries, First Edition, April 2017. Global Standards

Certification body

A legal entity or an individual entrepreneur accredited in accordance with the established procedure to perform work in the sphere of certification.

Source: Federal Law on Technical Regulation, No. 184-FZ, Russian Federation, December 2002 (amended September 2010). Regulations


Certification body

Third-party conformity assessment body operating certification schemes for persons.

  • Note: 1 to entry: A certification body can be non-governmental or governmental, with or without regulatory authority.

Source: ISO/IEC TS 17027:2014, Conformity assessment – Vocabulary related to competence of persons used for certification of persons, Global Standards

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