Choke Manifold

Used to control flowing pressure from underbalance well. May be used on connections or trips to either keep production from displacing the drilling fluid (HP gas wells), or to artificially charge the annulus to avoid loading to reservoir pressure equilibrium (prolific oil wells).

Source: IADC UBO / MPD Glossary, December 2011. Global Standards

Choke Manifold (Control Manifold)

The system of valves, chokes, and piping to control flows from the annulus and regulate pressures in the drill string/annulus flow system.

Source: API RP 59, Recommended Practice for Well Control Operations, Second Edition, May 2006. Global Standards


Choke Manifold (Control Manifold)

“Choke manifold” means an assembly of valves, chokes, gauges, and lines used to control the rate of flow from the well when the blowout preventers are closed.

Source: Corporation Commission, Oil and Gas Conservation, Oklahoma Administrative Code 165:10, February 2013. Regulations


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