Class A-60 Division

“Class A-60 division” means a division formed by a bulkhead or deck that is

  1. constructed of steel or an equivalent material and suitably stiffened,
  2. constructed to prevent the passage of smoke and flame after 60 minutes of exposure to a standard fire test, and
  3. insulated with non-combustible materials so that, if either side is exposed to a standard fire test, after 60 minutes the average temperature on the unexposed face will not increase by more than 139°C above the initial temperature and the temperature at any point on the unexposed face, including any joint, will not increase by more than 180°C above the initial temperature; cloisonnement de classe A-60.
  4. Source: Canada Oil and Gas Installations Regulations, SOR/96-111, Canada, current to May 1, 2014. Regulations

Source: Nova Scotia Offshore Petroleum Installations Regulations, SOR/95-191, Canada, current to May 31, 2012. Regulations

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