Class H Fire Division

A division manufactured in incombustible materials that satisfies the following criteria:
a) it is sufficiently reinforced,
b) it prevents the spread of flames and smoke for at least two hours of the standardised fire test,
c) it is designed so that the average temperature and the temperature of any single point on the unexposed side do not rise more than 140°C and 180°C, respectively, above the original temperature within the following timeframes:
– class H-120: 120 minutes,
– class H-60: 60 minutes,
– class H-0: 0 minutes,
d) any insulation materials are fire-tested at an institution that is internationally or nationally recognised in the specific discipline.

Source: Regulations relating to design and outfitting of facilities, etc. in the petroleum activities (the Facilities Regulations), Norway, April 2010 (amended December 2012). Regulations

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