Construction Diving

Construction diving includes any work taking place underwater in connection with the alteration, cleaning, construction, demolition, dismantling, erection, installation, maintenance, removal, renewal or repair of any building, edifice or structure or wall. Includes work in any canal, harbour works, drainage system, flood control, irrigation system, river control, culvert, dam, pipeline, reservoir and includes any work on a buoy, obstruction to navigation, raft, ship and wreck. Also includes any inspection or other work carried out for the purpose of ascertaining if construction diving work is to be carried out. Police, Military, Customs and specialised search and rescue diving groups are considered part of this category due to the highly hazardous nature of this underwater work and the frequent involvement in construction diving activities. (This group is expected to hold at least a Part 2 Restricted certificate.)

Source: Guidelines for Occupational Diving 2004, Occupational Safety and Health Service, New Zealand, updated October 2010. Regulatory Guidance

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