Control Station

“Control station” means a continuously manned work area from which process and export equipment, wellhead manifold and christmas trees, main and emergency power, fire and gas detection, fire control, communications equipment, emergency shutdown systems, ballast control system, dynamic positioning systems and other systems and equipment critical to the safety of the installation are remotely controlled or monitored (salle de commande).

Source: Canada Oil and Gas Installations Regulations, SOR/96-111, Canada, current to May 1, 2014. Regulations

Source: Canada Oil and Gas Installations Regulations, SOR/96-118, February 2013.Regulations

Source: Nova Scotia Offshore Petroleum Installations Regulations, SOR/95-191, Canada, current to May 31, 2012. Regulations


Control Station

Place on the installation from which personnel can monitor the status of the installation, initiate appropriate shutdown actions, and undertake any emergency communication.

Source: ISO 13702:2015, Petroleum and natural gas industries — Control and mitigation of fires and explosions on offshore production installations — Requirements and guidelines, Second Edition, August 2015. Global Standards

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