Power-operated equipment that can hoist, lower, slew and horizontally move a suspended load.

Source: API RP 2D, Operation and Maintenance of Offshore Cranes, Seventh Edition, December 2014. Global Standards


lifting appliance whereby the load can be moved horizontally in one or more directions, in addition to the vertical movement critical lifting operations operations requiring a work permit and special measures.

Source: Rules for Classification and Construction, IV Industrial Services, 6 Offshore Technology, 9 Guideline for Personnel Transfers by Means of Lifting Appliances, Edition 2011, Germanischer Lloyd SE, Global Standards


Machine for cyclic lifting or cyclic lifting and handling of loads suspended on hooks or other load handling devices, whether manufactured to an individual design, in series or from prefabricated components.

Guidance note: “Suspended” can include additional means fitted to prevent swinging, rotation of load etc.

Source: Verification of Lifting Appliances for the Oil and Gas Industry, DNV-OSS-308, October 2010, Det Norske Veritas AS, Global Standards

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