Critical Component

Any component of the crane assembly devoid of redundancy and/or auxiliary restraining devices whose failure would result in an uncontrolled descent of the load or uncontrolled rotation of the upper-structure.

Source: API RP 2D, Operation and Maintenance of Offshore Cranes, Sixth Edition, May 2007. Global Standards

Source: API RP 2D, Operation and Maintenance of Offshore Cranes, Seventh Edition, December 2014. Global Standards


Critical Component

Part having requirements specified in this American National Standard.

Source: API SPEC 16A, Specification for Drill-through Equipment, Third Edition, June 2004 (Errata/Supplement November 2004). Global Standards


Critical Component

Those parts which have specified requirements in this document.

Source: API SPEC 16C, Specification for Choke and Kill Systems, First Edition, January 1993 (Reaffirmed 2001). Global Standards


Critical Component

Structural component, failure of which could cause failure of the whole structure, or a significant part of it. NOTE A critical component is part of the primary structure. [ISO 19902:2007, definition 3.12].

Source: ISO 19905-1:202, Petroleum and natural gas industries – Site-specific assessment of mobile offshore units – Part 1: Jack-ups. Global Standards

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