Critical Safe Failure

spurious failure of a safety system, due to safe failure(s) of its component(s), triggering the safety action

and leading to a spurious safety action

Note 1 to entry: The concept of critical safe failure is illustrated in Figure B.1.

Note 2 to entry: This is a systemic failure in relationship with a given safety action performed by the safety

system. This concept is irrelevant for an individual item on the shelves.

Note 3 to entry: The same failure of a component belonging to a safety system may be safe or spurious (critical

safe) depending of the system state from which it occurs (e.g. the safe failure of a sensor belonging to 2oo3 is only

safe when it occurs in 1st position. It is critical when it occurs in 2nd position).



Source: ISO/TR 12489:2013(E) Reliability modelling and calculation of safety systems. Global Standards

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