Critical Static Gel Strength (CSGS)

Specific static gel strength of a cement in which hydrostatic-pressure equilibrium is reached between the decayed hydrostatic pressure transmission of the cement column (and other fluids in the annulus) and the pore pressure of the formation. See Annex A. NOTE The critical static gel strength is measured in pascals or newtons per square metre (pounds force per 100 square feet).

Source: API RP 10B-6, Recommended Practice on Determining the Static Gel Strength of Cement Formulations, Upstream Segment, First Edition, August 2010. Global Standards


Critical Static Gel Strength (CSGS)

The static gel strength of the cement that results in the decay of hydrostatic pressure to the point at which pressure is balanced (hydrostatic equals pore pressure) at a point adjacent to the potential flowing formation(s).

Source: API STD 65 – Part 2, Isolating Potential Flow Zones During Well Construction, Upstream Segment, Second Edition, December 2010. Global Standards

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