ability to perform as and when required

Note 1 to entry: Dependability is mainly business oriented.

Note 2 to entry: IEC/TC 56 which is the international “dependability” technical committee deals with reliability,

availability, maintainability and maintenance support. More than 80 dependability standards have been published

by the IEC/TC56. In particular, it is in charge of the international vocabulary related to those topics (IEV 191[14])

and also of the methods used in the reliability field (e.g. FMEA, HAZOP, reliability block diagrams, fault trees,

Markovian approach, event tree, Petri nets).

Note 3 to entry: The production availability is an extension, for production systems, of the classical dependability

measures. This term is defined in the ISO 20815[16] standard which deals with production assurance and relates

to systems and operations associated with drilling, processing and transport of petroleum, petrochemical and

natural gas. The relationship between production-assurance terms can be found in Figure G.1 of ISO 20815[16].

Figure G.1 — PDS CCF model

[SOURCE: IEC 60050 −191].

Source: ISO/TR 12489:2013(E), Global Standards

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