“Disposal” means:

  1. the delivery of crude oil to a refinery or a storage place for refining, notwithstanding whether such refinery or storage place is owned by the concessionaire;
  2. the delivery of natural gas to a gas separation plant, a liquefied natural gas plant, a compressed natural gas plant or a gas storage place for such activities, notwithstanding whether such plant or storage place is owned by the concessionaire;
  3. appropriation of petroleum for use in any activity of the concessionaire or other persons without sale; or
  4. transfer of petroleum without consideration.

Source: Law of Information Energy, Petroleum Act (No. 4) B.E. 2514 (1989), Thailand, as of June 2013. Legislation



The discharge, deposit, injection, dumping, spilling, leaking, or placing of any hazardous waste into or on any land or water so that such waste or any constituent thereof may enter the environment or be emitted into the air or discharged into any waters, including ground waters.

Source: Oil and Gas Division, Texas Administrative Code, Title 16, Chapter 3, February 2013. Regulations

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