Effective Weight

Total submerged weight including contents (drilling mud, etc.) of an entire riser or a section of a riser.

Source: API Specification 16Q, Design, Selection, Operation, and Maintenance of Marine Drilling Riser Systems, Second Edition, April 2017. Global Standards

Effective Weight

See Apparent Weight.

Source: API RP 16Q, Recommended Practice for Design, Selection, Operation and Maintenance of Marine Drilling Riser Systems, First Edition, November 1993 (Reaffirmed August 2001). Global Standards


Effective Weight

Submerged weight including content minus buoyancy.

Source: API RP 17G, Recommended Practice for Completion/Workover Risers, Second Edition, July 2006 (Reaffirmed April 2011). Global Standards


Effective Weight

Weight minus buoyancy. NOTE Apparent weight is commonly referred to as weight in water, wet weight, submerged weight, or effective weight.

Source: ISO 13624-1:2009, Petroleum and natural gas industries – Drilling and production equipment – Part 1:Design and operation of marine drilling riser equipment. Global Standards

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