Enhanced Recovery

“Enhanced recovery” means the increased recovery from a pool achieved by artificial means or by the application of energy extrinsic to the pool, which artificial means or application includes pressuring, cycling, pressure maintenance, or injection to the pool of a substance or form of energy but does not include the injection in a well of a substance or form of energy for the sole purpose of (a) aiding in the lifting of fluids in the well, or (b) stimulation of the reservoir at or near the well by mechanical, chemical, thermal, or explosive means.

Source: Oil and gas Conservation, North Dakota Administrative Code, Chapter 43-02-03, April 2012. Regulations


Enhanced Recovery

“Enhanced recovery” means any injection of natural gas, water, or other fluids approved by the division into an oil or gas reservoir to increase pressure or retard pressure decline in the reservoir for the purpose of increasing the recovery of oil or other hydrocarbons therefrom and shall include secondary or additional recovery operations. This is to include all thermal processes.

Source: Division of Mineral Resources Management – Oil and Gas, Ohio Administrative Code, Chapter 1501:9, January 2012. Regulations


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