Borehole operations do not include:

  1. the drilling of shotfiring holes in connection with production blasting at opencast sites or quarries or blasting at construction sites;
  2. geophysical exploration or investigation for the construction of underground storage facilities, civil engineering tunnels, shafts or other civil engineering works which may involve extraction of minerals;
  3. prospecting for water or extraction or disposal of water, except in connection with petroleum extraction or mineral exploration;
  4. extraction of landfill gas;
  5. preparation at a site where no extraction or prospecting is being carried out, of minerals which were extracted by boreholes at another site. An example of this would be separation of gas and water from crude oil at a central oil collection site which is not used for prospecting or production of minerals by boreholes.

Source: A Guide to the Borehole Sites and Operations Regulations 1995, Guidance on Regulations (UK HSE L72), Second Edition, 2008. Regulatory Guidance

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