Facility Security Officer (FSO)

The person designated as responsible for the development, implementation, revision and maintenance of the facility security plan.

Source: API RP 781 Security Plan Methodology for the Oil and Natural Gas Industries.1st Ed. September 2016. Global Standards


Facility Security Officer (FSO)

The individual that is responsible for security duties as specified by the owner/operator at one or more facilities, depending on the number or types of facilities a company operates. Where a person acts as the FSO for more than one facility, it should be clearly identified in the facility security plan for which facilities this person is responsible. The FSO may be a collateral duty provided the person is fully capable to perform the duties and responsibilities required of the FSO.

Source: API RP 70, Security for Offshore Oil and Natural Gas Operations, Downstream Segment, First Edition, March 2003. Global Standards

Source: API RP 70I, Security for Worldwide Offshore Oil and Natural Gas Operations, Upstream Segment, First Edition, May 2004. Global Standards

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