Fire Suppression

Fire suppression is a reduction in heat output from the fire and control of the fire to restrict its spread from its seat and reduce the flame area.

Source: IMO MSC.1/Circ.1387, Revised Guidelines for the approval of fixed water-based local application fire-fighting systems for use in category A machinery spaces, 10 December 2010, International Maritime Organization. Regulatory Guidance


Fire Suppression <water mist nozzles> 

Sharply reducing the heat release rate of a fire and preventing its regrowth by means of a direct and sufficient application of water through the fire plume to the burning fuel surface.

Source: Resolution A.800(19), Revised Guidelines for Approval of Sprinkler Systems Equivalent to that Referred to in SOLAS Regulation 11-2/12, 23 November 1995, International Maritime Organization. Regulatory Guidance

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