Flame-resistant Clothing

Clothing that is treated with chemicals and/or made of material that resists igniting if the responder is exposed to fire or heat.

NOTE 1 Flame-resistant clothing helps to protect responders, for instance, such as those responders in the igniter boat during ISB.

NOTE 2 The clothing should be cleaned, maintained, and regularly inspected in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

NOTE 3 Some flame-resistant clothing may lose its protective qualities after repeated or improper cleanings.  Wearing any flammable clothing over flame-resistant clothing negates the flame-resistant protection.

NOTE 4 Flame-resistant clothing should be selected in accordance with 29 CFR Subpart I (Personal Protective Equipment), Section 1910.132 (General Requirements).

Source: API RP 98, Personal Protective Equipment Selection for Oil Spill Responders, First Edition, August 2013. Global Standards

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