Flow Line

The piping that exits the bell nipple and conducts drilling fluid and cuttings to the shale shaker and drilling fluid pits.

Source: API RP 64, Recommended Practice for Diverter Systems Equipment and Operations, Second Edition, November 2001 (March 1, 2007). Global Standards


Flow Line

Conduit for well returns routed from the wellhead to the choke manifold and from the wellhead to processing equipment. Considerations of design include size, connections, geometry, and pressure rating and anticipated flow conditions.

Source: IADC UBO / MPD Glossary, December 2011. Global Standards

Flow Line

“Flow line” means the surface pipe which carries drilling fluid from surface tanks or other storage.

Source: Oil and Gas Drilling and Servicing Operations, Michigan Administrative Code R 408, February 8, 2013. Regulations

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