Geophysical Operation

“Geophysical operation” means the measurement or investigation, by indirect methods, of the subsurface of the earth for the purpose of locating oil or gas or of determining the nature of the seabed and subsurface conditions at a proposed drilling site or of a proposed pipeline route, and includes a seismic survey, resistivity survey, gravimetric survey, magnetic survey, electrical survey and geochemical survey and any work preparatory to that measurement or investigation, such as field tests of energy sources, calibration of instruments and cable ballasting, but does not include a velocity survey or a vertical seismic survey that is not a walkaway vertical seismic survey; étude géophysique.

Source: Canada Oil and Gas Geophysical Operations Regulations, SOR/96-117, Canada, current to April 29, 2013. Regulations

Source: Nova Scotia Offshore Area Petroleum Geophysical Operations Regulations, SOR/95-144, Canada, current to May 31, 2012. Regulations

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