Good practice

Note–within the HSE and their ALARP guidance documentation, good practice is the term used for those standards for controlling risk which have been judged and recognised by HSE as satisfying the law when applied to a particular relevant case in an appropriate manner. This is not the case in Australia. NOPSEMA have not endorsed any ‘approved codes of practice’ or standards to allow them a special legal status. The term ‘good practice’ in NOPSEMA guidance documentation therefore is taken to refer to any well defined and established standard practice adopted by an industrial/occupational sector, including ‘learnings’ from incidents that may not have filtered down into standards yet.  Good practice generally represents a preferred approach; however it is not the only approach that may be taken. While good practice informs, it neither constrains, nor substitutes for, the need for professional judgement. Good practice may change over time because of technical innovation, or because of increased knowledge and understanding.

Source: NOPSEMA Guidance note: Risk Assessment, N-04300-GN0165, Australia, Revision 4, December 2012. Regulatory Guidance

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