HPHT Wells

High pressure and high temperature well with expected shut-in pressure exceeding 69 MPa, or a static bottomhole temperature higher than 150 °C.

Source: NORSOK D-010, Well integrity in drilling and well operations, Rev. 3, August 2004. Global Standards


High Pressure and High Temperature Wells (HPHT Wells)

Wells with an expected shut-in pressure greater than 69 MPa (690 bar), or a temperature higher than 150 °C.

Source: Regulations relating to design and outfitting of facilities, etc. in the petroleum activities (the Facilities Regulations), Norway, April 2010 (amended December 2012). Regulations


High Pressure or High Temperature (HP/HT) Well

The current definition of high pressure or high temperature or both (HP/HT) wells is as follows: when the wellhead shut-in pressure exceeds 690 bars; the bottom hole static temperature exceeds 150°C.

Source: NORSOK D-001, Drilling facilities, Rev. 3, December 2012. Global Standards

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