Inactive Well

A well where production, injection, disposal or workover operations have ceased, but permanent abandonment has not taken place. inactive wells should be classified as either shut-in or temporarily abandoned. Shut-in status should begin 90 days after operations stop, and temporarily abandoned status should commence one day after temporary abandonment operations have been completed.

Source: API BULLETIN E3, Environmental Guidance Document: Well Abandonment and Inactive Well Practices for U.S. Exploration and Production Operations, First Edition, January 1993 (Reaffirmed June 2000). Global Standards


Inactive Well

INACTIVE WELL shall mean any shut-in well from which no production has been sold for a period of twelve (12) consecutive months; any well which has been temporarily abandoned for a period of six (6) consecutive months; or, any injection well which has not been utilized for a period of twelve (12) consecutive months.

Source: Oil and Gas Conservation Commission, Practice and Procedure, Code of Colorado Regulations, 2 CCR 404-1, February 2013. Regulations


Inactive Well

An unplugged well that has been spudded or has been equipped with cemented casing and that has had no reported production, disposal, injection, or other permitted activity for a period of greater than 12 months.

Source: Oil and Gas Division, Texas Administrative Code, Title 16, Chapter 3, February 2013. Regulations


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