Indicator (or Readout)

Device for displaying a condition, a current or a potential. EXAMPLES Analog and digital galvanometers, A-scan displays, warning lights, alarms.

Source: API RP 5A5, Field Inspection of New Casing, Tubing, and Plain-end Drill Pipe, Reaffirmed August 2010. Global Standards



Visual indication giving information about the condition of a system or equipment.

Source: IMO resolution A.1021(26), Code on Alarms and Indicators, 2009, 18 January 2010, International Maritime Organization. Regulatory Guidance



Information or data that provides evidence of a company’s OMS performance, including the strength of risk controls/barriers and progress against objectives.

Source: IOGP Report No. 510, Operating Management System Framework for controlling risk and delivering high performance in the oil and gas industry, International Association of Oil & Gas Producers, June 2014. Global Standards


Measure that provides an estimate or evaluation of specified attributes derived from an analytical model with respect to defined information needs.

Source: ISO/IEC 27000:2014, Information technology — Security techniques — Information security management systems — Overview and vocabulary, Third Edition, January 2014. Global Standards



An occurrence or sign that an incident may have occurred or may be in progress.

Adapted from: CNSSI 4009, NIST SP 800-61 Rev 2 (DRAFT), ISSG V1.2 Database.

Source: NICCS™ Portal Cybersecurity Lexicon, National Initiative for Cybersecurity Careers and Studies ( as of 11 November 2015, Global Standards

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