Short segment of flexible pipe with a connector half at either end. NOTE A jumper is commonly used to connect flowlines and/or subsea facilities together, e.g. a subsea flowline to a hard pipe riser installed on a production platform.

Source: API RP 17A, Design and Operation of Subsea Production Systems—General Requirements and Recommendations, Fourth Edition, Reaffirmed 2011. Global Standards



Short piece of flexible pipe.

Source: API Standard 2RD, Dynamic Risers for Floating Production Systems, Second Edition, September 2013. Global Standards

Source: API RP 17G, Recommended Practice for Completion/Workover Risers, Second Edition, July 2006 (Reaffirmed April 2011). Global Standards



A segment of hose or cable used to make a connection such as a hose reel junction box to the control manifold.

Source: API SPEC 16D, Specification for Control Systems for Drilling Well Control Equipment and Control Systems for Diverter Equipment, Upstream Segment, Second Edition, July 2004. Global Standards



Short flexible pipe used in subsea and topside, static, or dynamic applications.

Source: API SPEC 17J, Specification for Unbonded Flexible Pipe, Third Edition, July 2008. Global Standards

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