Keel Line

Keel line is a line parallel to the slope of the keel passing amidships through:
.1 the top of the keel at centreline or line of intersection of the inside of shell plating with the keel if a bar keel extends below that line, on a ship with a metal shell; or
.2 in wood and composite ships, the distance is measured from the lower edge of the keel rabbet. When the form at the lower part of the midship section is of a hollow character, or where thick garboards are fitted, the distance is measured from the point where the line of the flat of the bottom continued inward intersects the centreline amidships. . <Chapter II-1, regulation 2>.

Source: IMO Resolution MSC.216(82), amendments to the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea, 1974, as amended, 8 December 2006, International Maritime Organization. Legislation

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