Lands in Respect of Which Indians have Interests

For the purposes of this section, “lands in respect of which Indians have interests” means (a) land areas that are subject to a land claim accepted by the Government of Canada for negotiation under its comprehensiveland claims policy and that

  1. for the purposes of land claim settlement have been withdrawn from disposal, under the Territorial Lands Act in the case of land areas situated in the Northwest Territories or Nunavut, or under a law of the Legislature of Yukon in the case of land areas situated in Yukon, or
  2. in the case of land areas situated in a province, have been agreed on for selection by the Government of Canada and the government of the province; and
  3. land areas that belong to Her Majesty or in respect of which Her Majesty has the right to dispose and that have been identified and agreed on by Her Majesty and an Indian band for transfer to settle claims based on
  4. an outstanding lawful obligation of Her Majesty towards an Indian band pursuant to the specific claims policy of the Government of Canada, or
  5. treaty land entitlement.

Source: Canadian Environmental Assessment Act, 1992, c. 37, Canada, as consolidated November 2003. Legislation

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