Member Utilization

Maximum value of the ratio of the generalized representation of the assessment action effect to the generalized representation of the assessment resistance in compatible units.
NOTE 1 The utilization is the maximum absolute value of the ratio for each limit state and assessment situation being considered.
NOTE 2 Only utilizations smaller than or equal to 1,0 satisfy the assessment criteria for a particular limit state.
NOTE 3 The assessment action effect is the response to the factored actions. The assessment resistance is the representative resistance divided by the partial resistance factor.
NOTE 4 For members and foundations subjected to combined forces, the internal force pattern and the resistance combine into an interaction equation. If the interaction equation governing the assessment check is, or can be, reduced to an inequality of the form U ≤ 1,0, then the utilization is equal to U.
NOTE 5 Adapted from ISO 19902:2007, definition 3.56.

Source: ISO 19905-1:202, Petroleum and natural gas industries – Site-specific assessment of mobile offshore units – Part 1: Jack-ups. Global Standards


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