Normal Operation

Operating the system to perform the intended basic functionality.

Source: API SPEC 17F, Specification for Subsea Production Control Systems, Second Edition, December 2006 (Reaffirmed April 2011). Global Standards

Normal Operation

Situation when the equipment is operating within its design parameters
NOTE 1 Minor releases of flammable material may be part of normal operation. For example, releases from seals which rely on wetting by the fluid which is being pumped are considered to be minor releases.
NOTE 2 Failures (such as the breakdown of pump seals, flange gaskets or spillages caused by accidents) which involve urgent repair or shutdown are not considered to be part of normal operation nor are they considered to be catastrophic.
NOTE 3 Normal operation includes start-up and shutdown conditions.

Source: IEC 61892-7, Mobile and fixed offshore units – Electrical installations – Part 7: Hazardous areas. Global Standards

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