Obligated Party, or Responsible Party

In these regulations and in regulations laid down in pursuance thereof, the obligated party is typically worded neutrally. This is done because several parties can be responsible according to the same provision. Examples of neutral wording include ”Requirements shall be stipulated for the performance of safety functions.” and ”The facility shall be designed such that…”. Another neutral form used is “The responsible party shall…”. Who the responsible party is, follows from this section’s first subsection. The responsible party can thus be the operator, or others participating in the activities without being licensees or owners of onshore facilities. Licensees that are not operators, are thus not included in the term responsible party in these regulations with supplementary regulations. When the responsibility is assigned to one or more defined participants, this is clearly evident from the relevant provision. For example, the operator is the party responsible for the operation, or the employer specifically designated as the obligated party in certain provisions.

The see-to-it duty assigned to the operator, licensee and owner of the onshore facility, cf. the second and third subsections, applies throughout and is thus not mentioned in the other provisions in these regulations, nor in the supplementary regulations.

Source: Guidelines Regarding the Framework Regulations, Norway, updated December 2012. Regulatory Guidance

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