Oil Muds

The term “oil-base drilling fluid” is applied to a special type drilling fluid where oil is the continuous phase and water the dispersed phase. Such fluids contain blown asphalt and usually 1 to 5 percent water emulsified into the system with caustic soda or quick lime and an organic acid. Silicate, salt, and phosphate may also be present. Oilbase drilling fluids are differentiated from invert-emulsion drilling fluids (both water-in-oil emulsions) by the amounts of water used, method of controlling viscosity and thixotropic properties, wall-building materials, and fluid loss.

Source: API RP 7G, Recommended Practice for Drill Stem Design and Operating Limits, Upstream Segment, Sixteenth Edition, August 1998 (Addendum 2: September 2009). Global Standards

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