Oil spill: number and volume of spills <1 barrel

  1. Number of spills, oil, > 1 barrel: This value is the annual calendar-year total number of oil spills of less than 1 barrel from production, construction, and drilling-related operations on the OCS. It includes lessee spills and contractor spills directly involved in supporting lessee’s operations. It includes spills from (1) pipelines within the facility where operator had/should have had containment, and (2) pipeline company-owned pipelines, operated by the facility. It does not include sightings, shipping-related incidents such as non-lease-related shipping spills, hazardous substance spills, or NPDES-related spills or sheens.
  2. Volume of spill: This value is the total volume of spills from 15.1.

Source: API RP 75, Recommended Practice for Development of a Safety and Environmental Management Program for Offshore Operations and Facilities: Upstream Segment, Third Edition, May 2004. Global Standards

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