Oil Spill Removal Organization

Any person or persons who owns or otherwise controls oil spill removal resources that are designed for, or are capable of, removing oil from the water or shoreline, providing response equipment and services, individually or in combination with subcontractors or associated contractors, under contract or other means approved by the President, directly to an owner or operator of a facility or tank vessel required to have a response plan under 33 USC 1321(j)(5).

NOTE 1 Control of such resources through means other than ownership includes leasing or subcontracting of equipment or, in the case of trained personnel, by having contracts, evidence of employment, or consulting agreements.

NOTE 2 OSROs must be able to mobilize and deploy equipment or trained personnel and remove, store, and transfer recovered oil.

NOTE 3 Persons such as sales and marketing organizations (e.g. distributorships and manufacturer’s representatives) that warehouse or store equipment for sale are not OSROs.

Source: API RP 98, Personal Protective Equipment Selection for Oil Spill Responders, First Edition, August 2013. Global Standards

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