Operating Condition

“Operating condition”, with respect to a mobile offshore platform, means the condition of operating at the operating draft (condition d’exploitation).

Source: Canada Oil and Gas Installations Regulations, SOR/96-111, Canada, current to May 1, 2014. Regulations

Source: Canada Oil and Gas Installations Regulations, SOR/96-118, February 2013. Regulations

Source: Nova Scotia Offshore Petroleum Installations Regulations, SOR/95-191, Canada, current to May 31, 2012. Regulations


Operating Condition

The condition when a unit is on location, for the purpose of carrying out its primary design operations, and the combined environmental and operational loadings are within the appropriate design limits established for such operations. The unit may be either afloat or supported on the sea bed, as applicable.

Source: Rules and Regulations for the Classification of Mobile Offshore Units, Part 1, Regulations, June 2013, Lloyd’s Register, Global Standards

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