Other Mobile Offshore Unit

Other mobile offshore unit is a MOU which may be involved in any single offshore activity or combination of offshore activities such as:

  1. construction;
  2. maintenance (including the maintenance of wells);
  3. lifting operations;
  4. pipe-laying and related operations;
  5. emergency/contingency preparedness, including firefighting;
  6. production systems;
  7. accommodations;
  8. storage systems; and
  9. diving.

MOUs do not include vessels such as:

  1. supply vessels;
  2. standby vessels;
  3. anchor-handling vessels;
  4. seismic vessels;
  5. ship-shape mono hull diving support vessels; and
  6. special purpose ships.

Source: IMO Resolution A.1079(28), Recommendations for the Training and Certification of Personnel on Mobile Offshore Units (MOUs), Adopted on 4 December 2013, International Maritime Organization, Regulatory Guidance

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