Other Workplace Hazard

Also refer to any applicable regulatory definition. A Hazard with the potential to result in:

  1. injury or ill health, up to and including single fatalities;
  2. significant damage to structure or equipment at installation or plant;
  3. limited environmental damage that will persist or require remedial action.

Other Workplace Hazard incorporates all hazards that are not Major Hazards (see definition of Major Hazards).

Other Related Terms and Definitions:

IADC HSE Case Guidelines Issue 02 – those that have potential to cause serious injury or ill health, including single fatalities.  Within the Guidelines these hazards are referred to as Other Workplace Hazards and include Area and Task Hazards.

Source: International Association of Drilling Contractors, Appendix 2 to Health, Safety and Environment Case Guidelines for Offshore Drilling Contractors, Issue 3.3.2, February 2010. IADC Guidelines


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