Packing Element

The annular sealing device in an annular BOP or diverter. Also, the elastomer packing element used in valves or lubricators to effect a seal.

Source: API RP 64, Recommended Practice for Diverter Systems Equipment and Operations, Second Edition, November 2001 (March 1, 2007). Global Standards


Packing Element

Seal on a packer (3.26) or bridge plug (3.2) that blocks fluid communication by sealing on the ID of the conduit.

Source: API SPEC 11D1, Packers and Bridge Plugs, Upstream Segment, Second Edition, July 2009. Global Standards


Packing Element

Sealing element between the rotating control device and the drill string.

Source: API SPEC 16RCD, Specification for Drill Through Equipment—Rotating Control Devices, Upstream Segment, First Edition, February 2005. Global Standards

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