Other Participants

Other participants as mentioned in Section 7, first subsection, means everyone participating in the activities without being licensees, owners of onshore facilities or operators. This can be other owners and users of facilities, or of property, buildings or structures, which are not onshore facilities, or those that provide services in connection with the activities, cf. also the comment regarding Section 10-6 of the Petroleum Act in Odelsting Proposition No. 43 (1995-1996), pages 61 and 62. The first subsection thus includes operators, the party responsible for operation, contractors, other owners, lessors, or users of offshore and onshore facilities, etc., and other employers.

The employees are, in principle, also among the other participants. Since the Working Environment Act limits the employees’ responsibility to a contributory responsibility, it has been appropriate to separate and clarify this responsibility in the fourth subsection. The content of the responsibility of employers and employees mainly follows from Sections 2-1 and 2-3 of the Working Environment Act, respectively.

Source: Guidelines Regarding the Framework Regulations, Norway, updated December 2012. Regulatory Guidance


Other Participants

“Other participants” means all others who participate in the petroleum activities without being the licensee, the lessee, or as the case may be, the operator like contractors, service providers.

Source: Petroleum and Natural Gas (Safety in Offshore Operations) Rules, 2008, India, 18th June 2008. Regulations

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