Personal fall arrest system (PFAS)

A system designed to provide protection to a person from falls. The PFAS should consist of an anchorage, connector and a synthetic webbing full body harness which may include a lanyard and a deceleration device.

Source: API RP 54, Recommended Practice for Occupational Safety for Oil and Gas Well Drilling and Servicing Operations, Third Edition, August 1999 (2007). Global Standards

Source: API RP 74, Recommended Practice for Occupational Safety for Onshore Oil and Gas Production Operation, First Edition, October 2001 (March 2007). Global Standards


Personal fall arrest system

“Personal fall arrest system” means a system used to arrest an employee in a fall from a working level. It consists of an anchorage, connectors, a full body harness, and may include a lanyard, deceleration device, lifeline, or suitable combinations of these.

Source: State of Wyoming Occupational Safety and Health Rules and Regulations for Oil and Gas Well Drilling, Revised January 8, 2013. Regulations


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