Pipe-Line Works

“pipe-line works” means works of any of the following kinds, namely—

  1. assembling or placing a pipe-line or length of pipe-line;
  2. inspecting, testing, maintaining, adjusting, repairing, altering or renewing a pipe-line or length of pipe-line;
  3. changing the position of or dismantling or removing a pipe-line or length of pipe-line;
  4. opening the bed of the sea for the purposes of works mentioned in paragraphs (a) to (c), tunnelling or boring for those purposes and other works needed for or incidental to those purposes;
  5. works for the purpose of determining whether a place is suitable as part of the site of a proposed pipe-line and the carrying out of surveying operations for the purpose of settling the route of a proposed pipe-line.1

Source: UK Offshore Safety Act 1992, 1992 c. 15 (February 2013). Legislation

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