Place Of Work

Is a place where any person is to work (and includes volunteers).

Source: Guidelines for Occupational Diving 2004, Occupational Safety and Health Service, New Zealand, updated October 2010. Regulatory Guidance


Place Of Work

Place of work means a place (whether or not within or forming part of a building, structure, or vehicle) where any person is to work, is working, for the time being works, or customarily works, for gain or reward; and, in relation to an employee, includes a place, or part of a place, under the control of the employer (not being domestic accommodation provided for the employee),—
(a) where the employee comes or may come to eat, rest, or get first-aid or pay; or
(b) where the employee comes or may come as part of the employee’s duties to report in or out, get instructions, or deliver goods or vehicles; or
(c) through which the employee may or must pass to reach a place of work.

Source: Health and Safety in Employment Act 1992, Public Act 1992 No 96, New Zealand, as of 1 July 2011. Legislation

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