Potential Flow Zone

Any zone in a well where flow is possible under when wellbore pressure is less than pore pressure.

Source: API STD 65 – Part 2, Isolating Potential Flow Zones During Well Construction, Upstream Segment, Second Edition, December 2010. Global Standards


Potential Flow Zone

“Potential flow zone” means any zone in a well where hydrocarbons or other fluids can flow when wellbore pressure is less than pore pressure and isolation of such zones is necessary to:
(a) Isolate hydrocarbons that may be present in testable or commercial quantities;
(b) Prevent over-pressurization of the surface casing annulus; or
(c) Maintain well control when drilling on fluid below the zone.

Source: Division of Mineral Resources Management – Oil and Gas, Ohio Administrative Code, Chapter 1501:9, January 2012. Regulations


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