Preliminary Contingency Plan

A contingency plan containing all of the elements required for a contingency plan under §3.36 of this title (relating to oil, gas, or geothermal resource operation in hydrogen sulfide areas), except that:
(A) the plan need not contain the list of names and telephone numbers of residents within the area of influence if required under §3.36(c)(9)(I) of this section. In lieu of this list of names and telephone numbers, the plan shall contain a detailed explanation of the manner in which the names and telephone numbers of residents within the area of influence will be compiled prior to commencement of operations;
(B) the plat detailing the area of influence may be:

  1. the detailed plat required under §3.36(c)(9)(H);
  2. a plat containing the information required under §3.36(c)(9)(H), that identifies residential, business, and industrial areas with an estimate of the number of people that may be within any such areas; or
  3. one or more aerial photographs covering the area and providing the information required under §3.36(c)(9)(H); and

(C) a fixed pipeline route need not be specified in the preliminary plan provided the preliminary plan identifies the boundaries of the area within which the pipeline will be constructed and provided that all public notices of the application required under this section note such boundaries and identify the potential area of influence as the total area encompassed by the area of influence associated with all possible pipeline routes.1

Source: Oil and Gas Division, Texas Administrative Code, Title 16, Chapter 3, February 2013. Regulations

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