Preload Reaction

Maximum vertical reaction under a spudcan, VLo, supporting the in-water weight of the jack-up during the entire preloading operation. NOTE 1 The in-water weight is
the full weight of the hull, variable load and preload ballast, plus the legs and spudcans and any contained water, reduced by the buoyancy in water of the legs and spudcans (calculated from their external dimensions). Soil buoyancy and the weight of any soil backfill above the spudcan are neglected. It is necessary to take care when accounting for water contained in the spudcan (in some cases this can be included in the quoted leg weight). NOTE 2 This is the maximum reaction on a spudcan, VLo, that would be obtained during preloading if the jack-up were installed on an infinitely rigid foundation.

Source: ISO 19905-1:202, Petroleum and natural gas industries – Site-specific assessment of mobile offshore units – Part 1: Jack-ups. Global Standards


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